Why Digital Advertising is Great for Local Businesses

“We want to reach new customers.”

“We need to make an impact in our local community.”

“We want to show we’re committed to ‘Keeping it local’.”

“We need to increase revenue and drive traffic.”

These are all responses we’ve heard from our local partners. With an increased commitment to local branding and local ambassadorship, small businesses are looking for the next opportunity to connect with their customers. Introduce local digital radio…

Locally-focused, independent radio, like The Spy FM, allows businesses to gain a foothold with their ideal customer base while staying committed to the idea of ‘Keeping it local.’ Because The Spy FM is based in downtown OKC, and broadcasts to an audience that is like-minded, advertising on the station is an incredible opportunity to reach your next customer.

But for a lot of small businesses, the idea of an digital radio station is confusing. Who listens to online radio? Why would they spend money at my store? Why is it worth it?

Take a look at these charts for a better understanding.

The Spy FM’s demographic is primed for local businesses. Our average listener is 25-44 and is nearly 50% male and 50% female. In radio, this 50/50 split is nearly unheard of. Think about your typical radio station, and you can imagine either a woman or a man listening to that station.  Not true with The Spy FM. We’re truly a dream opportunity for most local businesses.


Spy Demographic

Additionally, time spent listening to internet radio has more than doubled since 2006.


Time Spent Listening to Online Radio

Furthermore, the number of people listening to online radio each week is growing year-over-year. In 2017, nearly 60% of all adults 25-54 listen to online radio each week. If your businesses isn’t taking advantage of this opportunity, you’re missing a HUGE demographic.


Weekly Online Radio Listening

Why should a LOCAL business advertise on a LOCAL radio station? Simply put, it’s about authenticity. Who knows your customers better than a local partner? Who’s willing to invest in YOU while providing value to your customers? It’s NOT corporate radio…who is guided by profits. It’s a downtown partner like The Spy FM, who wants to provide value to local businesses and enhance the local music scene without the worry of profit-driven investors or managers.

The Spy FM’s listeners are YOUR customers…


Spy Listener Demographics

So, what’s the next step? Contact The Spy FM and find out how we can work together. Our staff can provide you with more listener demographics and can build a sponsorship plan that works with your budget.

Contact us at josh@thespyfm.com or at 405-514-4775