The Spy is not a radio station. The Spy is a way of life. The Spy is a culture and a community. The Spy provides a soundtrack and a virtual gathering space for the sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies and dickheads. They listen, they connect to one another, and they evangelize the Gospel of Ferris O’Brien.

The Spy is your go-to location for independent, local music and features more than 20 unique specialty shows that include 80s New Wave, Soul, Classic Alternative, Blues and Roots, Reggae, and much, much more. Additional, The Spy hosts an all-vinyl show and an Oklahoma rock show. Thes­­­­e specialty shows set The Spy apart from traditional corporate radio.


Ferris O’Brien’s brand of The Spy has existed since 1998 when he took over as the Program Director at 93.7 The Spy (KSPI-FM in Stillwater). When station owners took The Spy off the air in 2001, Ferris secured ownership of the brand and moved it to Oklahoma City. In 2002, Citadel Communications launched a deep alternative format radio station (KSYY) and asked Ferris to take the helm. The station was killed in June 2004, but Ferris kept “Spy Radio” on the air as a once weekly specialty show on 100.5 The Katt. In 2009, Ferris purchased 105.3fm from Citadel and relaunched The Spy. When that purchase agreement feel through in December 2010, he took the station completely digital at thespyfm.com. In 2012, The Spy and KOSU established a new partnership that allowed The Spy to return to the FM dial and gave KOSU a new listener base and a definite cool factor.

In the summer of 2012, Ferris O’Brien and KOSU’s Rachel Hubbard met for lunch to discuss the possibility of airing a show featuring Spy music on KOSU. However, it was during that lunch that they realized that a larger partnership was in order and public radio was the perfect fit for independent music from The Spy.

Through public radio’s unique community supported funding model, listeners could be in charge of making sure The Spy stays on the air. Our mutual values of discovery, independence, careful curation and community are perfect and allowed two community institutions to forge a lasting partnership.

You can hear The Spy on KOSU at 91.7 Oklahoma City, 107.5 Tulsa, 88.3 Stillwater, and 94.9 Ponca City every night from 7pm-5am and at various times on Sundays. Check out our daily schedule for full details.

You can listen to The Spy 7 days a week from 7pm to 5am, plus 10am-noon on Sundays, on KOSU-FM 91.7 Oklahoma City, 107.5 Tulsa, 88.3 Stillwater, and 94.9 Ponca City.

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You can also listen to The Spy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the iHeart Radio app on iTunes and Google Play, TuneIn, iTunes radio, Roku, and more.

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