The internet has rendered musical curation almost obsolete: with a wealth of sounds available with a few search terms or click of the mouse, it would seem all the music ever made is available at one’s fingertips — but, even if you’re polydactyl, that’s not the case. Streaming services have a limited selection of music, and many songs aren’t available to purchase as mp3s.

EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE FOREVER is an attempt, then, to draw musical connections and contrasts within the loose conceptual framework of a different “theme” each week (you can regard it as a mixtape, if that helps). Past themes have included insects, numbers, dreams, water, cars, faces, memory, electricity, guns, school, politics, food and more — the possibilities are (so far) endless. Occasionally, shows are based around a subcategory: Cambodian rock and pop, early analog synth music, Elvis, exotica, and the songs of David Bowie are examples from the past few years, with more special episodes planned.

Jon Mooneyham selects from the entirety of recorded music and sound (though he definitely plays favorites) — no style, genre, or time period is taboo (occasionally to the surprise of listeners when a Top 40 song pops up in the mix). Mooneyham’s bona fides as a music curator have long been established in Oklahoma, with radio and club deejaying, performing, music journalism, and promoting shows over the past few decades (i.e., he’s old). Lend an ear to his eclectic weekly mix on The Spy!